Single Line Diagram and Record Compliance Documentation Updates

In order to comply with Regulation 514-09-01 of BS7671, clients must ensure that a master electrical diagram is available (for any installation other than a simple one). Where an existing single line diagram does not exist or where it’s out of date, our engineers work with our CAD office to provide the necessary validated electronic drawings for your use.

It is vital that items of sub-distribution have unambiguous labelling that corresponds with the master site electrical single line diagram.  Our engineers verify which circuit is which by test, and fit new labels as required.

It is also important that final circuits are properly identified.  Where this is not the case, we will ascertain the final circuit arrangement and provide new electronic schedules for inclusion with your site documentation.

Depending on the size of the installation you may hold a variety of electrical record drawings, motor schematics, lighting and small power layouts etc.  And if these need to be brought up to date we will take care of that back at our office.