Safety Instrumented Systems: Functional Safety Assessment

Increasingly companies come to us to carry out the functional safety assessment of systems they have designed and put in place.

Recently a company approached us that had designed it’s safety systems but needed an independent authority to vet the processes. This Functional Safety Assessment is an integral part of IEC 61508 and is best done at key stages along the way, but could only be done retrospectively in this case. The company wanted to be confident that the engineer who undertook this work was sufficiently competent, and they were assured by the fact that he was a TÜV accredited Functional Safety Engineer.

Our engineer went through each of the Assessment phases with the company, covering procedures and documentation, safety specifications and design, and the pre and post commissioning work. There were some changes and additions to be made, but fortunately in this case they were minor. The basis of the work the company had done originally was sound.

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