EAWR Compliance Management Tool – Complied Electrics

Complied Electrics, exclusively on offer through Inglewood, is a Web based service that requires no installation and lets you run your compliance regime via the nearest computer.  The Electricity at Work Regulations (EAWR) option is designed to make it easy for you to set up a regime and to demonstrate compliance as required by your own management or by the HSE.

Its features include:-

  • Web based system – it can be accessed from anywhere in the World using a standard Web browser.
  • A user may access or update information as required, immediately upon registration & password issue
  • No special software required.
  • Unlimited number of distribution items.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Remote access to previous inspections, specific to each item of distribution, demonstrating signed-off compliance with the Wiring Regs.
  • Timeline of inspections, demonstrating on-going compliance regime in place.
  • Search & retrieve facilities.
  • Built-in Audit trail and change control.
  • Innovative ‘live’ on-screen single line diagram, generated from your own inspections.
  • & much more.

It uses database programming to generate BS 7671 inspection and testing schedules from the core compliance data. Final circuit schedules can also be generated from this core data.

Signed off inspection and test schedules may be loaded onto the system and retrieved in the future as PDF downloads. These can be accessed via the Single Line Diagram portal or via the distribution board schedules.

Actual electrical test results may also be entered on to the Complied Electrics system. This test data can then be used to produce automatic failure data analysis and on-line compliance status reviews.

Automatic compliance reports can be produced to the client’s specification, and used as part of an internal or external audit.

Inglewood’s Complied Electrics is designed with the flexibility to adapt to future changes in legislation, standards and best practices.