Electrical Design and Engineering in Hazardous Areas

Inglewood Engineering have many years experience of electrical design and engineering in hazardous areas. All our work is overseen and signed off by a Chartered Electrical Engineer. The same oversight applies whether it’s a single piece of equipment or an entirely new installation.

Our expertise has proved invaluable in the early stages of new builds, at a time when expensive mistakes can be avoided. It also comes to the fore when engineering solutions to problems that arise in existing installations.

Regular inspections of existing installations are a means of highlighting any irregularities. Often the non-conformances that come to light during an inspection are minor and simple to rectify. Sometimes equipment that at first sight is unsuitable may pass the risk assessment that comes from the Essential Safety and Health Requirements, and be permitted to remain in situ. But where non-conformances are found that cannot be justified with an equipment risk assessment or rectified by a simple remedial action, we will advise on equipment replacement or redesign that part of the installation, as appropriate.