Area Classification and Risk Assessment

Area Classification and Risk Assessment are both areas in which Inglewood Engineering is highly experienced, with over 38 years helping clients gain DSEAR / ATEX compliance.

Regulation 5 of DSEAR requires that where a dangerous substance is or is liable to be present at the workplace, the employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to his employees which arise from that substance.

Our risk assessor completes a site audit and conducts risk assessment meetings with those client personnel responsible for operations and health and safety within the relevant site areas. Our purpose is to reduce the extent of the classified areas and eliminate them if possible. We advise on ventilation, housekeeping, handling, etc where it makes a difference.

The hazards relevant to DSEAR are identified and the potential accident frequencies and consequences are qualitatively assessed. The means to prevent, control and mitigate the accidents are recorded, together with any further risk reduction measured, in order to demonstrate that the risk is as low as reasonably practicable.

Part of Regulation 7 of DSEAR requires that the employer classifies places at the workplace where an explosive atmosphere may occur into hazardous or non-hazardous places i.e. a hazardous area study must be completed.

It is vital that an accurate area classification study is completed. For instance, it is undeniably dangerous if an area is classified safe when it is actually hazardous. Much less appreciated are the consequences of getting it wrong the other way. An area that is over-classified will drain profits from your company for as long as it remains so; initially in the form of an overly expensive installation, thereafter in costly maintenance and inspection.

We classify areas in line with the BS EN 60079-10 standard, also with the model code of practice if there is a connection with a particular industry e.g. Energy Institute EI15, Institute of Gas Engineers IGEM SR25 etc.

A formal report is provided for your records along with the area classification drawings and supporting calculations that go with it.