Hazardous Areas: HSE Improvement Notice

A new client operating in a remote part of the country came to us in some desperation after a visit from the HSE.  Successive changes of ownership had left the Chemical Manufacturing plant with minimal engineering support and there wasn’t any local expertise to call on.

Inglewood Engineering followed up the HSE Improvement Notice, which concerned the hazardous area maintenance regime, and completed inspection work throughout the site. The site had been built to a good standard many years before, and it was well maintained, but records were poor and it was impossible to say when a particular item had last been inspected.  We carried out Detailed and Close Grade hazardous area equipment inspections to the baseline set by the HSE.  There were a number of remedial actions out on plant, which were largely attended to as we came across them by the site technicians.  Gaps in the documentation records were completed by us as a separate exercise. They included a number of equipment risk assessments and missing intrinsically safe descriptive system documents.

The HSE were subsequently satisfied with the response and withdrew the Improvement Notice. Our client was relieved, and resolved never to relive that experience. He now calls on us on a periodic basis to make sure his plant remains compliant.

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