Hazardous Area Compliance

Hazardous Area Compliance services have been provided by Inglewood Engineering since the early 80s, long before DSEAR came into force.

During this time we have built up an enviable client list of blue chip national and international companies that employ us for our specialist knowledge in hazardous areas (now regulated by DSEAR).  Due to the variety and breadth of that list we have an experienced workforce that’s ideally suited to advising individual clients as to their industry’s best practice.

Our experience pre-dates DSEAR and the current harmonised standards by many years and by a number of previous standards.  A lot of our work is still on sites that were built pre-ATEX, and our knowledge enables us to cut through the legacy that typifies older installations.  We offer pragmatic solutions to DSEAR non-conformances, from straightforward advice to expert redesign.

Proof of competency is a basic requirement, and to this end we ensure our engineers hold a recognised certificate of such, notably by way of the Comp’Ex and IECEx accreditations.

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