DSEAR Site Audit

The first step to achieving compliance is to assess what gaps there are, if any, between your current level of compliance and the level set by DSEAR.  With this in mind IEC offer an invaluable DSEAR Site Audit service.  We provide you with an overview of your present status and explain how best you can address any areas of weakness.

The audit takes the form of a formal step-by-step review of your installation, policies and procedures against the provisions imposed by DSEAR.  An experienced practitioner leads the review and his findings are reported to you in terms of practical recommendations that point the way to full compliance.

We undertake this service throughout the UK wherever DSEAR applies, in new builds, at existing sites that are still not compliant, and following plant modifications.

And of course we agree a fixed price up front before work commences.

It is essential to get your DSEAR response right.  Overdoing it can be unnecessarily costly; doing too little can turn out more so.  We offer an independent audit that is straightforward and authoritative, and one that promises a constructive route to compliance right from the outset.